Monday, January 25, 2010

Wow, i was sure hoping i would be blogging more and adding pictures of what i have been working on, but some how my computor picked up a darn virus so pic,s are out for now. I,m using my hubby,s laptop for the basics and i,m going crazy with out my own computor, hope to have it well soon. WHAT,S HAPPENING. Well still going to Lucky,s Attic Thrift Store on tuesdays, have to help raise money for the animals. Saturday my sister Mag and i went to the Mountaineer Decorative Artist Group meeting, what fun. We painted an America the Beautiful sign a Kim Klassen design taught by fellow member Janet Hylton, she,s such a good and easy going teacher, we all love when she teaches. Next month another member Carol Keller will be teaching a close up of a Polar Bear, can,t wait for that one, i have been begging Carol for this one. I am working on my next submishion for Polymer Cafe Magazine, hope it gets published too. Fingers crossed.