Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snow Lady Published

Hi all just had to post, i,m so excited. One of my clay designs is in the Feburary issue of Polymer Cafe Magazine. WOOOHOOO. I,ts my Red Hat Snow Lady.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS on being published! That is wonderful news, and a testament to your incredible talent. And Shirley is gorgeous!

    I am so sorry for the delay in saying THANK YOU for the award! I haven't posted for awhile as it's been an absolutely unrelentingly TERRIBLE past few months around here, but your award truly lifted my spirits, and I thank you.

    I will post it and a link to your blog hopefully later today.

    As you may know, I do an annual Christmas window, and altho I think the goddess of painting on antique windows would have forgiven me for not having one this year, I'M GONNA GET IT DONE BY FRIDAY IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO ON THIS EARTH!

    BTW, where in WV are you? My dad is from Pt Pleasant (mom from across the river in Gallipolis), and the vast majority of my many relatives still live there. My favorite cousin is in Charleston and my favorite auntie in Cottageville. A favorite customer lives in Jane Lew, which I think is one of the best names EVER for a town. Well, second to Black Betty, down the road a piece from Pt Pleasant on, I think, Rt 2. It was never more than a grease spot in the road, and doesn't even show up on the map any more. More's the pity!

    Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas. Thank you again, so very much! Ronda