Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This has been hard to pick just seven to pass the award on to so i chose ones who i visit alot and once you visit you will see why. Forest Rogers: http://www.forestrogers.typepad.com/ You will gaze upon these sculptures with your mouth wide open and a loss of time. Deb Wood: http://enchantedhearts.blogspot.com/ Her sculptures are wonderful, so much detail and great tutorials. Rhonda Juniper Ray: http://antiquecottagerose.blogspot.com/ A painter of the most beautiful roses. Lynn Barbadora: http://paintingthymeneedfuls.blogspot.com/ Her magic is wonderful and she shares some of those little touches that make a difference. Kerryanne English: http://shabbyartboutique.blogspot.com/ Painted shabby roses so lovely and oh those cupcakes look good enough to eat. Cindy Mann Vitale: http://cindymannvitale.blogspot.com/ I have loved Cindy,s designs for a long time and i,m glad to see her back. Gisele Pope: http://www.lifewithg.blog.com/ Painter, designer and motivational spearer. Love her designs and fill impowered when i hear her speak at her seminars.

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